“The SYNTHEX 2 is not a clone of the original but a totally new design using the latest technologies. Now, after more than ten years of work I finally have all the pieces of the mosaic.” (Mario Maggi, May 2015)


Stay tuned for further announcements, previews and events on the new SYNTHEX 2 !

Preliminary and partial specifications

  • 16 Voices
  • 61-note-keyboard
  • Keyboard-less tabletop
  • 1 Rack Unit expander
  • Portable expander
  • 61-note-keyboard FATAR TP-8 weighted with Key Velocity and Channel Aftertouch
  • Freely assignable bipolar XY axis
LCD Display
  • 854 x 480 pixels – 5 inch LCD color display for advanced editing of control panel and additional parameters
Voice Layering
  • Whole Mode with 16 voice polyphony
  • Split Mode with Upper and Lower parts, 8 voices each
  • Double Mode with Upper and Lower parts, 8 voices each
  • Unison Mode with variable voice number
  • 2 Oscillators per voice
  • Extended cross modulation between oscillators
  • High number of available waveforms
  • Multi-mode filter with extended filtering modes
  • PRE Filter Waveshaper
  • POST Filter Waveshaper
  • Full set of editable parameters
Envelope Generators
  • 8 EGs per voice
  • 8 segments per each EG
  • Each segment is freely assignable to Note On or Note Off events
  • Each EG can be used for LFO level shaping
Wide range LFOs
  • 8 LFOs per voice
  • Each LFO output can be shaped with EG
  • LCD based quick programming/editing
  • 4 polyphonic tracks
  • Step by step or real time recording mode
  • Internal TTL Sync Output
  • External TTL Sync Input
  • MIDI Sync
  • Independent Arpeggiators for Lower and Upper parts
  • Arpeggiators can be used in combination with the internal Sequencer
Rear Panel
  • On/Off Switch
  • 18V DC IN for external PSU
  • USB-B connection for a PC editor
  • RJ45 for external expansion box (CV/Trigger/Gate)
  • MIDI In
  • Midi Out
  • Sync In TTL
  • Sync Out TTL
  • CV1 In
  • CV2 In
  • Expression Pedal 1
  • Expression Pedal 2
  • Upper Left Audio Out
  • Upper Right Audio Out
  • Lower Left Audio Out
  • Lower Right Audio Out


* The layout displayed above is demonstrative only, the final version may differ slightly.